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I provide high quality CPD training for Primary Schools. If you want to get better results, give pupils a better experience in the pool, refresh your  thinking and develop your professional skills I have LOTS of useful topical, independent, and informative stuff to help you. Carefully observed and researched stuff you can trust.

Welcome to Going Horizontal

Stories, guidance, humorous and other insights, perspectives and content to challenge the WAY, the HOW, and even the WHY, WHAT and WHEN we teach some things.

Teaching Primary School Swimming

CPD for KS1+ KS2 Swimming

Going Horizontal: Small Steps To Successful Swimming

Fresh & innovative swim training cards

A Walk on the Wet Side

Support resources for teaching swimming

Courses for Teaching Primary School Swimming

PRIMARILY FOR SCHOOLS, we offer specially designed CPD’s and other training to support anyone involved in teaching school swimming.

How can we do better? Changing the Conversation argues that we do just that! Change the Conversation, get more staff involved.

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What We Do in
the Shallows

(And in the Deep End too)

  • Choose from 5 short, two hour, ‘hands on’ ‘in the pool’ CPDs. Friday afternoons 1.30 – 3.30pm at Quantock Lodge Pool.
  • All attendees are invited to get in the pool to practice, though it’s not a requirement.
  • You are invited to stay on and observe or even work with our teachers in our Swim School which runs 4-6.30 pm.


Core Curriculum Training

  • These are courses designed to train and equip primary school teachers and assistants especially, to be more involved in school swimming lessons – and in a range of roles.
  • As assistants, teachers, coordinators and liaison between provider and school.
  • Bespoke courses are available for whole school, academy or federation training.
  • Costs include the innovative teacher resource: Small Steps to Successful swimming.


Colin and his team have managed to do for swimming what balance bikes have achieved for cycling; a joyful secure start to launch a lifetime of positive experiences in the water.

Ronnie Heath

CEO, Create Development LTD

Going Horizontal: Small Steps to Successful Swimming

A fresh and innovative approach to the learn to swim process from beginner to swimming strokes. Cards and Guidance booklet available to order now.