What We Do in the Shallows

(and the deep end)

A series of hands on, in the pool CPDs to support SCHOOL SWIMMING LESSONS

  • Each CPD will take place at Quantock Lodge Pool and will start promptly at 1.30 pm and finish around 3.40 pm. To ensure a high quality experience places will normally be limited to 12 for each one.
  • We want the sessions to be as hands on as possible. All attendees are invited to bring their swimming stuff and get into the pool. If you want to wear a polo or t-shirt on top please do so. We do!!
  • Not everyone will want to be in the water though we hope as many as possible will – but we can all so some peer teaching and share ideas and experiences.
  • There is an option to stay on and either observe or assist in lessons at our very successful and popular swim school which begins at 4pm on Fridays.


There is never enough time on courses for more pool work. And yet we learn so much more by doing it ourselves; what we learn IN the pool is hugely valuable and memorable and usually ‘more teachable’…
What we do in the Shallows is a series of ‘hands-on’, short Two hour practical ‘in the pool’ sessions. Each is designed to support staff in primary schools to deliver high quality outcomes for school swimming lessons.
They complement our central curriculum or core training CPD programme.

WHO are they for?

That’s easy.  If not You then Who?

  • We know that amazing things happen when primary school staff, eg teachers, teaching assistants are actively involved in teaching swimming with their classes.
  • It may be assisting another teacher; it may be an externally resourced swimming teacher or it might be a more experienced and confident teacher from your own school.
  • It may be taking a whole lesson with a small group
  • It may be being in charge and managing your school swimming programme and teachers
  • Or may be simply being more involved in and informed about the planning, organisation and delivery of your school swimming programme.

Either way, learning to swim in school swimming lessons can be much more of a shared journey and learning adventure.

Staff who have tried it after doing our training report high levels of satisfaction and enjoyment and that the positive outcomes for their pupils just multiply – and not just for swimming!!

Each CPD session is led by Colin Christmas an experienced teacher and tutor with a proven track record of providing high quality training in Swimming Teaching and Coaching qualifications and continued professional development. He is practicing swimming teacher, coach and or tutor.

Each CPD  will feature activities, practices and games to engage and enable pupils to experience success and to improve.

We will focus on the HOW and WHEN but especially the WHY and WHERE IT FITS.

When we know WHY and WHERE this or that practice fits in the bigger scheme of things, it can unlock the sort of creative and imaginative potential of primary school staff especially which not only motivates and engages young pupils but also produces results.

List of CPDs:


Activities and games to support the teaching, assessing and improvement of the following Pupil Outcomes for ‘Newbies’ and Non Swimmers


Activities and games to support the teaching, assessing and improvement of the following Pupil Outcomes for Beginners.


Pupil Outcomes for Improvers: activities and games to support the teaching and assessment of stroke improvement skills.


Stroke Improvement and Challenge Activities for the most able swimmers.
Children develop and improve performance, efficiency, and competence on:

  • Front Crawl
  • Backstroke
  • Breaststroke
  • Butterfly
  • Fitness, stamina, and endurance improves.

Detailed information for each CPD can be found HERE