Small Steps to Successful Swimming

Going Horizontal – Small Steps… a fresh and innovative approach to the learn to swim process from beginner to swimming strokes.

Something for everyone involved in Learn to Swim.

At the heart of the whole approach is a simple message; Play, Be Safe, Explore, Discover and Enjoy… Move on when you are READY.

A valuable training resource

The cards have also proved to be valuable when used to support training and professional development – especially in a curriculum context.

You will find 14 attractive A4 size hexagonal cards with a short user guide.

What are we looking for at each and every step on the journey?

Shared and celebrated Success!

Small steps to successful swimming:
Cards and Guidance booklet is available to order now : £20 plus pp.

What you’ll get

14 cards and a user guide

The shape of the cards invites you to organise them in such a way that you end up with your own developmental pathway or journey for your swimmers.

It works by applying the principle that each small step covered on each card is only introduced when the swimmer is ‘ready’, likely to succeed and have a positive experience with the next challenge.

ASSESSMENT OF LEARNING AND ASSESSMENT FOR LEARNING is strongly supported throughout. If as teachers we know what we are looking for at each stage, it is a simple step to share that with our classes. An assessment grid will soon be available to facilitate recording and reporting.