Introduction to the Space

Teaching swimming in the PE curriculum for Key Stages One and Two.

Since 1992 conversations about curriculum swimming have been more or less one- way.
‘Swimming’ talking to Government and to Primary Schools.
‘Swimming specialists’ talking to the non specialists in Primary Schools.

Times change; these conversations and narratives need to change too. 

I know that many teachers never dream of teaching swimming. I get that. I know too though, that with the sort of support and understanding I offer, we can build the reassurance and confidence it takes to do what lots have now done. Share in, lead, assist and make a difference to their pupils’ swimming achievements and success.

No one underestimates the barriers and difficulties many schools have to overcome in order to get their children to a pool.

Having the opportunity, with your class, to learn how to enjoy the experience of physical activity in water and to Learn To Swim and to be SAFE or safer in and around water, is still one of the very special, unique and literally wonderful things our Primary Curriculum can offer ALL CHILDREN, irrespective of background or geography…


The model I have developed builds on the professionalism and professional skills of staff in primary schools. It develops competencies and confidence; it inspires and motivates but above all it empowers them to be able to successfully deliver curriculum PE and swimming outcomes.

It is about simplifying rather than complicating.

It is also about challenging approaches which have been less than successful in the past.

And challenging myths, misconceptions, loose ends and loose connections

So, I have tried to create space here, not only for anyone who is involved in teaching swimming and looking for a fresh, more independent view of things… BUT ESPECIALLY for schoolteachers and staff looking for ideas and resources to increase their confidence and to support effective and successful delivery of the three Key Stage 1 and Curriculum requirements for Swimming and Water Safety.